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Прозвища английских самолетов WW2

"Annie", or "Old Annie" - Avro Anson bomber and trainer-plane

"Beau" - Bristol Beaufighter

"Beer-barrel" - Brewster Ruffalo

"Blendyburger" - Bristol Blenheim

"Bumblebee" - Grumman Martlet (Wildcat).

"Crate" - An obsolete aircraft-indeed, the word itself is almost obsolete.

"Cats" - Catalina Flying-boat

"Dafly" - Boulton and Paul Defiant

"Flying Horse" - Gloucester Gladiator (also called "Gladys").

"Flying Pencil" - German Dornier bomber

"Flying Suitcase" - Handley-Page Hampden

"Hurry", "Hurribird" - Hawker Hurricane

"Flyblows" - Flying Boats

"Kites" - Aircraft generally. This word has replaced to a great extent the word 'crates' coined in the last war.

"Kipper-Kites" – Coastal Command aircraft engaged upon convoy escort or fishery protection duties.

"Lizzie" - Westland Lysander

"Maggie" – Miles Magister

"Messer" - German Messerschmitt

'Spit", "Spitty" - Supermarine Spitfire

"Sun" - Short Sunderland

"Stringbag" - Fairey Swordfish

"Shagbat" - Walrus

"Vicky" - Vickers Victoria

"Wimpey" - Vickers Armstrong Wellington

(c) via ancient_skipper 
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