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Up and until January 10th 1945, the numbers are:

Combat losses flying units:
KIA: 23132 (of these 4341 are officers)
WIA: 16567 (of these 3000 are officers)
MIA: 26153 (of these 4227 are officers)
POW: 4104 (of these 767 are officers)

Non-combat losses flying units:
KIA: 10387 (of these 1284 are officers)
WIA: 4815 (of these 676 are officers)
MIA: 347 (of these 35 are officers)

Schools and other units:
KIA: 9303 (of these 803 are officers)
WIA: 6067 (of these 477 are officers)
MIA: 266 (of these 28 are officers)

and so on and so on for Flak, Ground personnel, etc

coming to a grand total of:

Reported Luftwaffe personnel losses from 01.09.1393 to 10.01.1945:
KIA: 112493 (of these 8996 are officers)
WIA: 212701 (of these 9??? are officers document damaged)
MIA: 152934 (of these 7643 are officers)
POW: 8995 (of these 904 are officers)

Aircraft losses:
Combat losses flying units:
Damaged: 20492 (of these 820 are training and other non-firstline aircraft)
Destroyed: 40613 (of these 1774 are training and other non-firstline aircraft)

Non-combat losses flying units:
Damaged: 15171 (of these 1614 are training and other non-firstline aircraft)
Destroyed: 10457 (of these 1043 are training and other non-firstline aircraft)

Schools and other units:

Damaged: 9931 (of these 5537 are firstline aircraft)
Destroyed: 12442 (of these 5059 are firstline aircraft)
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